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A Bitch is a Bitch is a Bitch... (x-posted)

... and my extern supervisor is a petty, conniving, calculating BITCH.

Those are strong words and I rarely feel such a powerful dislike for anyone so allow me to vent. I don't do it often.

There are four of us on my doctor's staff (and a total of five doctors in the office): Brenda, who's a sweet older lady who doesn't bother anyone and just does her work. Her job is to schedule appointments and refill prescriptions. She does all of this at the front desk. She doesn't handle the charts and never goes back to the exam rooms. She has no reason to (this is important). Then there's Donna (who's just as pleasant and helpful as Brenda), Sheri (the office manager. She's been there 10 yrs and has the doctor's ear) and me. The three of us split the duties of the front office (like filing, faxing) and back office (like assisting the doctor with exams).

For the last three weeks, I've observed the type of person my supervisor, Sheri, is. I've overheard her telling flat out lies to the doctor about other MAs (medical assistants) because of whatever personal vendetta she has against them, she spends more time socializing than working most days, she constantly passes blame when something goes wrong (which I think is a terrible characteristic in a leader. Not to mention after I saw these things and fished around a bit, there were plenty of stories involving Sheri doing exactly what I saw and then some.) But she never directed any of her negativity towards me so I never really cared.

Friday, I had to prepare a patient for a stress test which includes connecting them to an EKG attached to a treadmill and filling out a simple form along with a patient consent before the doctor sees the patient. So that's exactly what I did and exactly what I have done every day for the last two weeks with no problem. I left the paperwork on the outside of the door (normally I take them to the doctor but Donna was working with a different staff this day so I had to get to the next patient. However, leaving them in the door is perfectly acceptable as well.)

By the time I finished with the next patient, the doctor had completed the stress test, and in front of the patient and the staff she proceeded to point to a BLANK form and explained that she has better things to do with her time than fill out forms that should already be completed (which means she was super mad because she never does this in front of a patient). I tried to interject but she wasn't having any of that. So, my plan was to let her finish, grab the forms from the door, and show her it was all a misunderstanding and that I wouldn't make such a simple error. But when I went to retrieve the forms, they were gone. I walked back to the front desk confused about what happened, when Sheri rushed over to me to say that perhaps Brenda grabbed the forms and handed the doctor blank ones by mistake. 

This petty, conniving, calculating BITCH!

Firstly, I never said the forms that I filled out were missing. So I found it very suspicious that Sheri knew the concern on my face was from the missing forms and not just from being chewed out. Secondly, Brenda never EVER goes to the exam rooms so she had no reason to grab the forms nor does she prepare those types of forms for the doctor so she wouldn't have handed the doctor any such paperwork.

But Sheri would.

She took my forms from the door, replaced them with blank ones and then blamed Brenda. Who does that?

A petty, conniving, calculating BITCH. That's who.

I'm still pissed but I consider it a lesson learned. I'm not even going to accept the job offer now, although I really need it and I like the doctor and the other staff. I cannot have a boss that will go out of her way to work against me and set me up to fail. I can't even wrap my mind around such a person. I've never experienced anything like this in any job I've ever had. The hardest thing for me to undersand is why she did it. I'm on time every day and give 100% because I genuinely enjoy the work- I don't even take my breaks. I'm a fast learner and have not made the same mistake twice. I return from lunch on time AND I am pleasant to everyone- including Sheri. I'm very proactive and always help where I can whether it's my responsibility or not. For example, last week the doctor mentioned she needs more room for patient charts. So, in between the normal routine, I am making my way through each and every chart individually (and there are hundreds) to determine which ones to file and which ones to send to storage. That is just the type of person and co-worker I am. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, right? And I don't get paid for my externship. So I do all of this for free.

So, I repeat, my extern supervisor is a petty, conniving, calculating BITCH.

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