laura_can_spell (laura_can_spell) wrote in worksuckedtoday,

My GOOD coworker might quit because of our crap boss.

Two people run our store. Me and my really good coworker.
She's responsible, dependable, honest, and great with the customers.

Our boss called the other day and bitched out my coworker, while she was with a customer. She reamed her because our sales are low. Every store's sales are low right now. Our numbers are not far off from every other store!

She yelled at her because my coworker refuses to go to a training session. She would have to go on one of her weekend days, drive 6 hours round trip, and spend the full day in training. And get this, the company will not pay for her gas, any expenses, and refuses to pay for her training.

I don't think many people would be willing to put up with that.

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