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Interesting Article

In my psychology class, I"m currently working on a paper about Immature co-workers. I came across this article while researching, this part really got my attention. As I checked " Yes " out of all of them, I realized that my work-place is seriously immature!


Signs of immaturity in the workplace:
1. Inability to compromise with the rules of the workplace and with the co-workers
2. Self-defensiveness and excuse making when confronted with a reality at work
3. Avoidence of responsibility for work/or interactions with other co-workers
4. Misuse or response to authority which leads to resentments of the part of others
5. Tendency to reevert to quarreling rather then communication toward conflict resolution
6. Complaceny toward making quality work, which is another way of saying they come across as lazy
7. Try to make others responsible for their own emotions...

Do you know a co-worker that fits all seven points? I can think of at least 3. And thats sad.

Thought I'd share the link with you!
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