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love it and you don't

I love my department I work in - Sobeys Grocery Store Deli Clerk- for the past three years. now a days? how do i like it hmm... i don't. I don't want to quit because of the stress of filling / updating my resume. I dont' want to put pressure on me seeing how I'm under pressure already from school / other commitments.
Just once I want my boss to realize that it was not my fault I get sick every now and then. Remember? The girl with the hearing condition who gets ear infections regularly? I can't control them. Like Friday, I was sick, never made it to class (11am-2pm) then I worked 4-10pm. I was under medication as well which said " Do not operate heavy machinery.(such as a meat slicer, already cut myself on that baby, boy did I freak everyone out! I have the scar to prove it too.) After calling in sick, at 1pm, I got a call back from Sobeys, she was saying " everyone else was in school / no one else to cover are you sure you can't come in. " I explained to her my symptoms I had: Loss of balance, going to the bathroom every 5 minutes in the hours, loss of apetite(sorry for spelling) etc. " had all of that. Working a 6 hour shift, on top of that you can very well forget the 6 hour shift. So what, you know I take everyone elses shift, without complaining more money for me less for them. But come on, when it comes down to me being sick? uh gee thanks guys for covering for me. luckily a good co-worker of mine did, I thanked her the other day. but honestly, the slackers in the department that get away with one shift aweek who don't deserve it? I mean, I'm one of their star workers working my butt off. I give up my weekend / vacation time for them. Even when I'm in school, least they can do is cut the good workers some slack to work their hours out. If I can't work during the week, don't cry! Honestly, Unless you can find someone to take over for my three hour courses screw that. My priority list is: School, Homework, Brownies, Work, Family, Myself. Cut me some slack you **** once thats all I ask.
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