Lauren (lauren5678) wrote in worksuckedtoday,

I was attacked at work...

So I'm Lauren, 24, work as a nursing care tech (aka ass-wiper) on an orthopedic floor at a very busy hospital. (Although really for only 4 more days because I quit last week haha). Anyway, on my night shift the other night I had a man who was confused and delirious from his sleeping pill. It started with him trying to get out of bed and me having to hoist him back in. Then he started screaming "I'm Al Capone and I'll shoot you all!" I'm just like "Please do..." and then when I tried to take his blood pressure he grabbed me by the collar. I pulled away and then he grabbed the side of my shirt and ripped my scrub top in half up the side. Wonderful. Of course then we put him in restraints but he was still pretty bad the rest of the night. Only 4 more days... only 4 more days. Although I will miss the pay, it was pretty decent. I'm going from here to work as a dining room supervisor at a retirement community.

How is it that I have a college degree and I'm stuck doing jobs that I could've gotten right out of high school? :/ Granted, my full time job is mommy to a 1 year old, but still!
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