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A note from your boss:

Dear Employee,

I understand that you are in your early 20's and like to have fun. Guess what? I do, too! And actually, I'm younger than you!!!

But there seems to be a problem. We work at a bar. I like to drink and apparently you do, too. I even like you better when you're not working and kickin back a few beers. It really brings out your personality because honestly, you're kind of a dead fish at work. No wonder you don't make many tips when selling shots. I really didn't think it was possible to fuck up coat check either - I guess I was wrong. You're completely stupid.

I was about to fire you anyways, but tonight you lost your job and it's pretty clear that I don't even have to tell you.

Do you remember that contract you signed about how when you came into the bar as a customer you were STILL representing our establishment? Well, way to make us look fucking bad!

Let me remind you what happened because I'm sure you don't know a thing. You drank.... A LOT, then proceeded to fall down on the dance floor. You caused the BIGGEST scene JUST by being drunk. And then the ambulance came to take you away. We're sending all the fines your way. You know the rules.

Don't you go blaming our bartenders for not cutting you off when your friends were the ones to go get you drinks while you made sure to drink them discretely.

Work sucked last night!
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