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First Post

Background: I work in a distribution warehouse for a "NOT-so-major" snack food company. I work in the warehouse and have to work with the salesmen and check their loads they take out everyday. I always tell the new people when they ask me about their little hand-held computers that I don't know a lot about them and that the warehouse and salespeople are two separate worlds....

Dear Boss,

I've figured out why you hire these idiots....you're SO afraid of losing your "cushy" job and don't want to be replaced. You shove these guys out on a route with only a couple of weeks training and in most cases, haven't experienced every senario they can come across. The newest idiot came in last night with a problem. Luckily he remembered my little "I don't know anything about the hand-helds" statement and asked a driver to help him. After about a half an hour of trying to fix his problem he finally starts to pull his load. He pulls A CART AND A HALF (99 cases)....the regular driver NEVER pulls that much. Then after trying for so long to figure out what he screwed up, he finally asks me to find it for him. I find it, he fixes it, then explains to me that he's going to just shove it all in the truck and then come in early to straighten it out. Personally I don't care....you don't have to explain any of this shit to me since I'm not there in the mornings. He finally gets out of there at 7pm, an HOUR later then I'm supposed to be there. So THANK YOU, I've missed my son's open house. Oh yeah, by the way...he told me he's planning to work on Wednesday (his day off) because there's just "so many stops". I hope he does, then YOU'LL have to wait around for him because you have decided to cut my hours and gave me Wednesdays off. So yeah, keep hiring these idiots and wonder why we are losing money, therefore cutting my hours so YOU can look good to your bosses.

Thank you again....

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