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first time poster, excuse the incoherence.

For the past few months, I've been working at the local DHL/ABX Air sorting hub. For awhile, it was tolerable. 20 hours a week. 10 dollars and hour (actually, its technically 9.95 an hour including the differential... technically they're lieing off the spot when their ads said 10.00 an hour, and i get benefits come the end of next month. If i last that long. But considering how things are going, I doubt i will. I'll probably get fed up with it before then.

In the building, there are two belts, plus a few other sections to deal with miscellaneous things. I'm on the bypass, where we get our own set of freight to load into trucks/onto palettes/into airborne containers. Fairly easy job. but its not the matter of work that makes it suck... but its the conditions that we are in.

Now, I come in at 11:15 and go until- finish, which i was told would be 3:15-3:30. Which is true...or supposed to be anyhow. Save for the fact that we're horribly over-worked and understaffed. It's supposed to have 16 people. We get half that, if we're lucky. We often have to pull others from the other areas to get people (which they can rarely do because suprise suprise, the other areas are understaffed too. We'll usually get enough to bring us to half, though... still. Everything moves slower and the part timers are pulling almost full time hours. Not unusual for us to be there until 6 or 7 in the morning. And half the part-time people leave because they absolutely can't stay past a certain time because of school or another job. A lot of the people working (both part and full) took this job with the knowledge that they'd be getting out around 3-3:30. Not after 5am.

Sometimes, we're able to get afew others from the other belts that come to help after they're done. Rarely though, most are sent home. Kinda pisses me off but at the same time...i can see a lot of people saying "nah i can't tonight" to helping us.

Overall though, it seems like this company does not like to hand out our required breaks, or likes to cut them even shorter than they're supposed to be. Thankfully our belt's lead is an awesome guy and lets us take ours. That break is 15 minutes, if we're lucky. Usually its only ten. And for my first few weeks I don't even think we got a break.

I don't think the other people that come in after 11 on the main belt get a break.

Also, there's this one lady that comes over to us to "help", and by help, she's pretty much a complete fucking waste of space. She does her job when she chooses too, which is never. She mainly just talks to everyone else. Or she'll constantly just stand there watching others do her work for her, or she'll either do her work wrong and complain.

In addition to our understaffing problem, sometimes we have the higher ups from the other hubs come to "inspect" us, and they're constantly on our case for every little thing. I can understand "looking busy even if you're not", but complaining that the belt is being unproductive and trucks improperly packed when we're horribly understaffed and overwhelmed is just a bit ridiculous. Especially if you're in one of the trucks that gets a LOT of stuff.

tonight though, was a pain in the ass. at the beginning of the night, we were told to put everything going to the Ohio hub in the containers. Ground, second day, it didn't matter. Which makes no sense, because if it is meant to be GROUND it should go in the Ohio truck, to make room for all the second day stuff.

But then most of the containers were full, and by most i mean all but one. Regardless though, everything including second day had to go in the truck. We very well could have saved ourselves a lot of hassle but just puting the ground stuff in the truck, and the second day in the containers, but somehow... logic fails the people in charge. gg at having a whole bunch of pissed off customers when their packages rrive late.

Now, much of the freight that goes on to this belt, just either gets put into the containers or belt, and its usually half and half. But... still... way too much for one person alone to handle. Had to stop the belt like five times within 15 minutes just to get everything put away in the truck, never mind stacked properly.

so yeah, long story short, DHL sucks. They treat their employees and their packages pretty crappily (don't even get me started on the condition some of the shit i see is in. common sight to see fully crushed and partially destroyed boxes)

i'll probably have more horror stories as time goes on, but for now... I'll make an obvious joke that you can't spell delivery hell without DHL
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