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Sunday, February 7th, 2010
6:51 pm
A Bitch is a Bitch is a Bitch... (x-posted)

... and my extern supervisor is a petty, conniving, calculating BITCH.

Those are strong words and I rarely feel such a powerful dislike for anyone so allow me to vent. I don't do it often.

There are four of us on my doctor's staff (and a total of five doctors in the office): Brenda, who's a sweet older lady who doesn't bother anyone and just does her work. Her job is to schedule appointments and refill prescriptions. She does all of this at the front desk. She doesn't handle the charts and never goes back to the exam rooms. She has no reason to (this is important). Then there's Donna (who's just as pleasant and helpful as Brenda), Sheri (the office manager. She's been there 10 yrs and has the doctor's ear) and me. The three of us split the duties of the front office (like filing, faxing) and back office (like assisting the doctor with exams).

For the last three weeks, I've observed the type of person my supervisor, Sheri, is. I've overheard her telling flat out lies to the doctor about other MAs (medical assistants) because of whatever personal vendetta she has against them, she spends more time socializing than working most days, she constantly passes blame when something goes wrong (which I think is a terrible characteristic in a leader. Not to mention after I saw these things and fished around a bit, there were plenty of stories involving Sheri doing exactly what I saw and then some.) But she never directed any of her negativity towards me so I never really cared.

Friday, I had to prepare a patient for a stress test which includes connecting them to an EKG attached to a treadmill and filling out a simple form along with a patient consent before the doctor sees the patient. So that's exactly what I did and exactly what I have done every day for the last two weeks with no problem. I left the paperwork on the outside of the door (normally I take them to the doctor but Donna was working with a different staff this day so I had to get to the next patient. However, leaving them in the door is perfectly acceptable as well.)

By the time I finished with the next patient, the doctor had completed the stress test, and in front of the patient and the staff she proceeded to point to a BLANK form and explained that she has better things to do with her time than fill out forms that should already be completed (which means she was super mad because she never does this in front of a patient). I tried to interject but she wasn't having any of that. So, my plan was to let her finish, grab the forms from the door, and show her it was all a misunderstanding and that I wouldn't make such a simple error. But when I went to retrieve the forms, they were gone. I walked back to the front desk confused about what happened, when Sheri rushed over to me to say that perhaps Brenda grabbed the forms and handed the doctor blank ones by mistake. 

This petty, conniving, calculating BITCH!

Firstly, I never said the forms that I filled out were missing. So I found it very suspicious that Sheri knew the concern on my face was from the missing forms and not just from being chewed out. Secondly, Brenda never EVER goes to the exam rooms so she had no reason to grab the forms nor does she prepare those types of forms for the doctor so she wouldn't have handed the doctor any such paperwork.

But Sheri would.

She took my forms from the door, replaced them with blank ones and then blamed Brenda. Who does that?

A petty, conniving, calculating BITCH. That's who.

I'm still pissed but I consider it a lesson learned. I'm not even going to accept the job offer now, although I really need it and I like the doctor and the other staff. I cannot have a boss that will go out of her way to work against me and set me up to fail. I can't even wrap my mind around such a person. I've never experienced anything like this in any job I've ever had. The hardest thing for me to undersand is why she did it. I'm on time every day and give 100% because I genuinely enjoy the work- I don't even take my breaks. I'm a fast learner and have not made the same mistake twice. I return from lunch on time AND I am pleasant to everyone- including Sheri. I'm very proactive and always help where I can whether it's my responsibility or not. For example, last week the doctor mentioned she needs more room for patient charts. So, in between the normal routine, I am making my way through each and every chart individually (and there are hundreds) to determine which ones to file and which ones to send to storage. That is just the type of person and co-worker I am. Teamwork makes the dreamwork, right? And I don't get paid for my externship. So I do all of this for free.

So, I repeat, my extern supervisor is a petty, conniving, calculating BITCH.


Current Mood: confused
Friday, October 23rd, 2009
12:14 pm
This week our opener bailed on four of her opens, so our dependant co-worker, Greg, covered them and is now sitting at 40+ hours. Our opener was scheduled to open today, on Friday (my close until 4AM), but our boss, Bill, took her shift. Greg was originally supposed to work 4-12 tonight (a very important shift), but since he is at 40+ hours Bill won't let him work. We said "Okay, then find SOMEONE to work" and Bill said he would stay until 8 o'clock. So here I am, on a Friday night close with my boyfriend staying until 9, the Australian who refuses to do any meaningful work staying until 9, and Bill until 8. 9-4AM on my own on a Friday night at Domino's Pizza. Good job, management.
Wednesday, September 30th, 2009
10:29 pm
Fucking hell, I hate my job. Apparently, Lord o' Leeds Gas has decreed that all advocates (that's House of Gas speak for Helper Monkeys) will do a minimum of three hours 'phone time every day. That's three hours taking meter readings, producing bills and taking card payments. That's three hours of the House's supposedly best and brightest doing a job someone who's been there a month could do, instead of supporting said newcomers and all the other Phone Monkieys with complicated or confusing enquiries that we, the Helper Monkeys, have been specifically fucking trained for.Read more...Collapse )
Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
12:18 am
Background: Slightly higher-than-your-average Phone Monkey in a call centre for a Big Energy Company. Advocates, or Helper Monkeys as they are more commonly known, take on more complex cases from a team of Phone Monkeys and manage them until either they are resolved or the advocate kills themselves from the stupidity of those who she must deal with.

Read more...Collapse )

At lunch tomorrow, I am going to buy a bottle of drain unclogger and a box of injectin' needles, and every person who wastes my time with another soul-destroying display of dimwittedness is going to get stabbed in the neck with a syringe full of agonising death.
Tuesday, June 16th, 2009
11:11 am
My GOOD coworker might quit because of our crap boss.
Two people run our store. Me and my really good coworker.
She's responsible, dependable, honest, and great with the customers.

Our boss called the other day and bitched out my coworker, while she was with a customer. She reamed her because our sales are low. Every store's sales are low right now. Our numbers are not far off from every other store!

She yelled at her because my coworker refuses to go to a training session. She would have to go on one of her weekend days, drive 6 hours round trip, and spend the full day in training. And get this, the company will not pay for her gas, any expenses, and refuses to pay for her training.

I don't think many people would be willing to put up with that.

- Cross posted from worst_boss_ever
Monday, July 14th, 2008
8:24 am
One manager (whose on vacation now) told me when I get done in the infant department to go help in grocery. So I got done and went over and was there for maybe 10 minutes and bitch manager walked by. She asked me what I was doing. I was tempted to ask her if she was stupid/give her a smartass answer but I only said that I was helping. She was like "How about you go help finish the rest of apparel?" I went over and the apparel associate is gone.

I go look at the time clock, and it's 2:45. We're suppost to take lunch before 2:30. OOPS. I get my badge and swipe out, go to put my purse on the table and bitch manager is standing there, staring at me. I say "Sorry I didn't realize it was so late", figuring she was staring at me because I was going to lunch 'late'. She goes "Yeah....I thought it was 915 too" I wanted to call her a cunt and walkout, I really did. But I thought about changing my availability, that she's only on nights temporarily, and she's "OMGBFF" with the pissy manager from my old store so I should just walk away. I did.
Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
3:32 pm
So the last few days I've been getting annoyed at a specific mail person at my company. I started the position I'm working at back in March so I am still learning all the nitty gritty things. Anyways, I've always seen him around and never had to deal with him too much. Didn't know he was so annoying back then.

Fast forward to about a week ago. I work at a college where students are becoming chiropractors so in their 10th trimester of school, they have the option of leaving to work with another chiropractor as an internship, kind of. Anyways, when they leave I send out a list of the people who are gone to various departments including the mail department. So one day the mail worker, we'll call him Fred. Anyway Fred approached me to see if I could make the font on this list larger. I told him sure, fine. Then I sent another list out and he came to my office and asked me to get rid of a bunch of things on this list. First off, it's an excel document, he can do it himself but he's too old so he doesn't know how to use computers. Second of all, I can't make a separate list for every single department I send this list to, I send it to probably 30 people.

His biggest complaint was he had to print them out and tape a few pieces of paper together.. I really felt like saying, AND?

So anyways, I put together a list for him, and I taped it together for him so he wouldn't be such a poop.

Then the other day I sent out a bunch of things to students to their school mailbox. Evidently I was supposed to put them in numerical order, didn't know that, sorry. So he called me and was saying, "YOU NEED TO DO THIS AND THIS, MAKE SURE YOU DO IT NEXT TIME!" fine, whatever. So I sent out another batch of things. He came to my office to pick up the mail and was like, "You DID IT AGAIN!" I told him, I put them in order. Evidently I'm supposed to rubberband things together when there's a bunch of stuff and separate them into out-going and inter-office mail. They were separated, but not rubberbanded. OH and they also gave me a bunch of certified mail things that I can do myself to save them time, and I did it wrong, followed the directions on the sheet but it was wrong so he had to stand in front of me moaning and groaning while he fixed it.


I'm about to bite his head off he he calls me again.
Sunday, May 11th, 2008
11:48 am
My biggest peeve at work are those stupid customers who come to the store before it opens, see people working inside and start knocking loudly on the windows/doors trying to get in. Um, no, we're not open, you idiot. We're cleaning the place, and half the lights are off- get a clue. Though sometimes I wonder if they're all waiting to get inside to go to our special magical bathroom (at least, I assume it's special, because whenever we open there's always a few people who run to that damn toilet!). Do you not have a bathroom in your own home? Are you too cheap to pay your own water bill? What the hell is their problem?!
Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
11:09 am
Interesting Article
In my psychology class, I"m currently working on a paper about Immature co-workers. I came across this article while researching, this part really got my attention. As I checked " Yes " out of all of them, I realized that my work-place is seriously immature!


Signs of immaturity in the workplace:
1. Inability to compromise with the rules of the workplace and with the co-workers
2. Self-defensiveness and excuse making when confronted with a reality at work
3. Avoidence of responsibility for work/or interactions with other co-workers
4. Misuse or response to authority which leads to resentments of the part of others
5. Tendency to reevert to quarreling rather then communication toward conflict resolution
6. Complaceny toward making quality work, which is another way of saying they come across as lazy
7. Try to make others responsible for their own emotions...

Do you know a co-worker that fits all seven points? I can think of at least 3. And thats sad.

Thought I'd share the link with you!
Tuesday, September 25th, 2007
10:59 am
love it and you don't
I love my department I work in - Sobeys Grocery Store Deli Clerk- for the past three years. now a days? how do i like it hmm... i don't. I don't want to quit because of the stress of filling / updating my resume. I dont' want to put pressure on me seeing how I'm under pressure already from school / other commitments.
Just once I want my boss to realize that it was not my fault I get sick every now and then. Remember? The girl with the hearing condition who gets ear infections regularly? I can't control them. Like Friday, I was sick, never made it to class (11am-2pm) then I worked 4-10pm. I was under medication as well which said " Do not operate heavy machinery.(such as a meat slicer, already cut myself on that baby, boy did I freak everyone out! I have the scar to prove it too.) After calling in sick, at 1pm, I got a call back from Sobeys, she was saying " everyone else was in school / no one else to cover are you sure you can't come in. " I explained to her my symptoms I had: Loss of balance, going to the bathroom every 5 minutes in the hours, loss of apetite(sorry for spelling) etc. " had all of that. Working a 6 hour shift, on top of that you can very well forget the 6 hour shift. So what, you know I take everyone elses shift, without complaining more money for me less for them. But come on, when it comes down to me being sick? uh gee thanks guys for covering for me. luckily a good co-worker of mine did, I thanked her the other day. but honestly, the slackers in the department that get away with one shift aweek who don't deserve it? I mean, I'm one of their star workers working my butt off. I give up my weekend / vacation time for them. Even when I'm in school, least they can do is cut the good workers some slack to work their hours out. If I can't work during the week, don't cry! Honestly, Unless you can find someone to take over for my three hour courses screw that. My priority list is: School, Homework, Brownies, Work, Family, Myself. Cut me some slack you **** once thats all I ask.

Current Mood: calm
Friday, August 17th, 2007
10:27 am
I was attacked at work...
So I'm Lauren, 24, work as a nursing care tech (aka ass-wiper) on an orthopedic floor at a very busy hospital. (Although really for only 4 more days because I quit last week haha). Anyway, on my night shift the other night I had a man who was confused and delirious from his sleeping pill. It started with him trying to get out of bed and me having to hoist him back in. Then he started screaming "I'm Al Capone and I'll shoot you all!" I'm just like "Please do..." and then when I tried to take his blood pressure he grabbed me by the collar. I pulled away and then he grabbed the side of my shirt and ripped my scrub top in half up the side. Wonderful. Of course then we put him in restraints but he was still pretty bad the rest of the night. Only 4 more days... only 4 more days. Although I will miss the pay, it was pretty decent. I'm going from here to work as a dining room supervisor at a retirement community.

How is it that I have a college degree and I'm stuck doing jobs that I could've gotten right out of high school? :/ Granted, my full time job is mommy to a 1 year old, but still!
Friday, June 22nd, 2007
4:32 am

I’m taking classes to be an IT professional so I am pretty knowledgeable about computers. I love them and pride my self in being able to help most anyone out when they are looking for a book on whatever computer program need. I dearly love the bookstore I work at, but sometimes people come in that you just have to stare at with a blank look on your face because there is no other way to respond.

So a woman comes in with a book called “WOW for PHOTOSHOP” 2nd edition. She got it for her daughter (who was with her) but said the disk in it didn’t work for her computer. It wasn’t a DVD so any old CD drive would run it. I looked at the specifications and the second edition of the book and it covered Photoshop 7 to CS. I’m thinking “Okay, maybe she has a Photoshop that is older then that. So I’m looking for the first edition so we can order it for her, and ask witch version she has. Her daughter was like “version of what?”
“Photoshop” I replied. Well Duh?
“What’s that?”
I look at the book, the big FOR ADOBE PHOTOSHOP 7 AND UP on the cover and say “The program that this book is for.”
“I don’t have that.”
“….. That’s why the disk won’t work…” I say trying to retain my polite-your-really-not-an-idiot voice.
“Where can I get that at?”
”You can get it at Staples for 500 dollars…" At this point her mother is mirroring her daughter’s look of stupid disbelief.  So I add “It may work for elements, witch you can get for about 100 at Wal-Mart”
“No.” she said “We thought this book was the program.
I politely point at the “Requires Photoshop 7 and up” words on the cover and say “No, this is only a “How to” book, you have to have the program beforehand.”

 If she couldn’t read the cover of the book, then the book would have been beyond her grasp anyways.

Though I loved the woman who cam in not knowing what “Catcher and the Rye” was. She kept calling it the “Rye catcher” and “Catch a Rye” and “The book on her school reading list” (seeing s there are 20 school reading lists, that didn’t help any) sadly I was so dumbfounded it took me a while to figure and she was getting pissed at me for not knowing what a “Rye Catcher” was. She had never heard of it, apparently. I read it in 7th grade.

Sunday, October 22nd, 2006
9:19 pm
I got this new job a couple of weeks ago. I was in LOVE with it up until today when I had to work with a very bitchy girl and a no-it-all guy. It was very busy and I was really trying to get everything right but everyone was all up in my case and they just took it in thier own hands to do everything while i stood there feeling stupid. During the day/week i feel as though i do good...but today was so busy and non-stop....I was overwhelmed.

How do you people deal with difficult co-workers. what sucks is that im like 10 years older than these people lol
Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
6:27 pm

I was wondering if anyone can help me with an office-related question... Sorry if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete! 

I'm doing some work and one of the questions is: "Identify the five main methods for classifying office documentation and provide examples." 

It probably sounds like an easy question, but none of the other people in my class knows the answer, and I've used every search engine known to man to find the answer... but it's just not there! 

Anyone got any ideas?

Current Mood: annoyed
Sunday, October 8th, 2006
6:43 pm
A note from your boss:
Dear Employee,

I understand that you are in your early 20's and like to have fun. Guess what? I do, too! And actually, I'm younger than you!!!

But there seems to be a problem. We work at a bar. I like to drink and apparently you do, too. I even like you better when you're not working and kickin back a few beers. It really brings out your personality because honestly, you're kind of a dead fish at work. No wonder you don't make many tips when selling shots. I really didn't think it was possible to fuck up coat check either - I guess I was wrong. You're completely stupid.

I was about to fire you anyways, but tonight you lost your job and it's pretty clear that I don't even have to tell you.

Do you remember that contract you signed about how when you came into the bar as a customer you were STILL representing our establishment? Well, way to make us look fucking bad!

Let me remind you what happened because I'm sure you don't know a thing. You drank.... A LOT, then proceeded to fall down on the dance floor. You caused the BIGGEST scene JUST by being drunk. And then the ambulance came to take you away. We're sending all the fines your way. You know the rules.

Don't you go blaming our bartenders for not cutting you off when your friends were the ones to go get you drinks while you made sure to drink them discretely.

Work sucked last night!

Current Mood: aggravated
Saturday, October 7th, 2006
8:59 pm
My comic about customers new every weekday
Had a long hard day at work dealing with stupid customers? Well come check out my comic. To be honest I don't talk much in the forums but that's because I tell my stories with pictures. http://fracturedservice.comicgenesis.com
Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
8:51 am
First Post
Background: I work in a distribution warehouse for a "NOT-so-major" snack food company. I work in the warehouse and have to work with the salesmen and check their loads they take out everyday. I always tell the new people when they ask me about their little hand-held computers that I don't know a lot about them and that the warehouse and salespeople are two separate worlds....

Read moreCollapse )

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Tuesday, September 12th, 2006
6:43 am
first time poster, excuse the incoherence.
For the past few months, I've been working at the local DHL/ABX Air sorting hub. For awhile, it was tolerable. 20 hours a week. 10 dollars and hour (actually, its technically 9.95 an hour including the differential... technically they're lieing off the spot when their ads said 10.00 an hour, and i get benefits come the end of next month. If i last that long. But considering how things are going, I doubt i will. I'll probably get fed up with it before then.

In the building, there are two belts, plus a few other sections to deal with miscellaneous things. I'm on the bypass, where we get our own set of freight to load into trucks/onto palettes/into airborne containers. Fairly easy job. but its not the matter of work that makes it suck... but its the conditions that we are in.

Now, I come in at 11:15 and go until- finish, which i was told would be 3:15-3:30. Which is true...or supposed to be anyhow. Save for the fact that we're horribly over-worked and understaffed. It's supposed to have 16 people. We get half that, if we're lucky. We often have to pull others from the other areas to get people (which they can rarely do because suprise suprise, the other areas are understaffed too. We'll usually get enough to bring us to half, though... still. Everything moves slower and the part timers are pulling almost full time hours. Not unusual for us to be there until 6 or 7 in the morning. And half the part-time people leave because they absolutely can't stay past a certain time because of school or another job. A lot of the people working (both part and full) took this job with the knowledge that they'd be getting out around 3-3:30. Not after 5am.

Sometimes, we're able to get afew others from the other belts that come to help after they're done. Rarely though, most are sent home. Kinda pisses me off but at the same time...i can see a lot of people saying "nah i can't tonight" to helping us.

Overall though, it seems like this company does not like to hand out our required breaks, or likes to cut them even shorter than they're supposed to be. Thankfully our belt's lead is an awesome guy and lets us take ours. That break is 15 minutes, if we're lucky. Usually its only ten. And for my first few weeks I don't even think we got a break.

I don't think the other people that come in after 11 on the main belt get a break.

Also, there's this one lady that comes over to us to "help", and by help, she's pretty much a complete fucking waste of space. She does her job when she chooses too, which is never. She mainly just talks to everyone else. Or she'll constantly just stand there watching others do her work for her, or she'll either do her work wrong and complain.

In addition to our understaffing problem, sometimes we have the higher ups from the other hubs come to "inspect" us, and they're constantly on our case for every little thing. I can understand "looking busy even if you're not", but complaining that the belt is being unproductive and trucks improperly packed when we're horribly understaffed and overwhelmed is just a bit ridiculous. Especially if you're in one of the trucks that gets a LOT of stuff.

tonight though, was a pain in the ass. at the beginning of the night, we were told to put everything going to the Ohio hub in the containers. Ground, second day, it didn't matter. Which makes no sense, because if it is meant to be GROUND it should go in the Ohio truck, to make room for all the second day stuff.

But then most of the containers were full, and by most i mean all but one. Regardless though, everything including second day had to go in the truck. We very well could have saved ourselves a lot of hassle but just puting the ground stuff in the truck, and the second day in the containers, but somehow... logic fails the people in charge. gg at having a whole bunch of pissed off customers when their packages rrive late.

Now, much of the freight that goes on to this belt, just either gets put into the containers or belt, and its usually half and half. But... still... way too much for one person alone to handle. Had to stop the belt like five times within 15 minutes just to get everything put away in the truck, never mind stacked properly.

so yeah, long story short, DHL sucks. They treat their employees and their packages pretty crappily (don't even get me started on the condition some of the shit i see is in. common sight to see fully crushed and partially destroyed boxes)

i'll probably have more horror stories as time goes on, but for now... I'll make an obvious joke that you can't spell delivery hell without DHL
Friday, August 11th, 2006
10:28 am
A new community dedicated to sharing the trials and tribulations of being a temporary employee.

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
5:25 pm
Hey, I just joined. I work at a grocery store that some of you may be familiar with if you live in the midwest. Hint: it's not Kroger or Wal-Mart. Since I'm only sixteen, I can't be a cashier, and must push in shopping carts in the sweltering heat. Anyway, let me tell you about yesterday!

I was supposed to be there at noon and work until six. Not a bad day, right? I oversleep and wake up at 12:30, call in and tell them I'll be in as soon as possible. I get there, begin pushing in carts, etc. Not so horrible. Now, another boy I work with got there an hour late just like I did, and he was still allowed to go home on time. Anyway, it's around 5 o'clock, and my service coordinator tells me to take my 30 minute lunch. I think this is weird since I get off at six, but I go anyway. I say something like, "oh, well when I get back, I'll be leaving in a half hour". As I'm walking away, I hear Clarisse (name changed!) say something like, "Yeah, that's what YOU think!" Clarisse is around fifty years old, has a gravelly voice from smoking, is a total hillbilly, and just in general isn't very friendly. I decide to just ignore her. A half hour later, I come back, and push in carts until six. By now it's time for my coworker Ashley (name changed!) to go to lunch and me to go home. We both go up to Clarisse who is working on one of the registers. As we're walking up there, she stares us down giving us really horrible looks that say something like, "what do YOU want?" Ashley and I get up there and she tells Ashley to go to lunch, then she looks at me and just goes, "WHAT?" And I'm like, "My half of the parking lot is clear of carts. The garage is filled with carts, as well as the inside. There are three people on the other side of the parking lot that could take my side. Can I go home?" She tells me no and says that I have to wait until Ashley comes back. By now I'm totally pissed. That is really unfair. First of all, they let that kid earlier go home on time when he was just as late as I was. Second, I have done all my work. Third, it's not like they're short on people or something! She tells me to go wait by the podium where everyone meets so I do. Lo and behold, I see my main boss, Pauline (name changed!) walking around. She sees me standing there and asks what I'm doing. I explained everything that Clarisse said and Pauline takes me over to the register where Clarisse is. Clarisse gives me a REALLY bitchy look, as if I called Pauline over on purpose. Pauline says that I can go home and as I'm leaving, I can hear Clarisse saying stuff like, "I told her to wait! She came in late anyway!"

Now, I don't MIND staying over at work for very long, really. Especially when I was late. But it's completely unfair when:
a. someone who was just as late as I was gets to go home on time
b. I've done all my work
c. there are plenty of other people there
d. Clarisse is just doing it to be a bitch (and she is KNOWN for this, trust me)

It makes me mad because the people at my work are completely unfair and they treat you like you're worthless. Yes, I realize I am only sixteen and am lucky to have a job. Yes, I also realize that I will run into people like this where ever I go. Argggh.
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